We are a real virus, not Coronavirus.

While we are panicking because of COVID-19, Mother nature is healing. Today is World Earth day. On 22nd April every year, Earth Day is celebrated globally.

This year's theme is "Climate Action."

As we know the climate is changing day by day, and there are factors causing the worsening of climate and Mother change health. We must be aware of these factors. The major factors are Pollution, a decrease of greenery around us, Also the harmful gases and solvents mixing in air and water. Human is polluting the earth. We must understand we are a guest of nature, we must take care of it or we will be thrown out by nature. Its a fact that if we disturb nature, it will heal itself vanishing us from here. We are a real virus. As you can see, since the industries are shut down globally, nature is healing itself.

The water and air are cleaner than before.

The water & Air, the two most important factors keeping us alive. If we cant keep its quality, we can't be quality. Taking waste and being waste shouldn't be our motive. The economic progress is not the real progress, according to me, a healthy nation is the real wealthy nation.

In this pandemic, we observed that a single microscopic thing can kill all the humans on the earth. See, how fragile we are. We are temporary, but life will continue as nature is life.

While I am writing this, the cure of the virus couldn't be found. There are thousands dying daily, millions are trying to finish this pandemic.

Doctors are giving their lives to save many.

This wouldn't happen if we understand the food chain for humans and let not enter the viruses in our bodies. Consuming meat and Farming animal meat in so-called neat animal farms, all the recent pandemic viruses developed. I am naming a few, Swine flu, SARS, MERS, Bird Flu, all came from animals, and we know how these entered into our food chain.

I don't know if we can find its cure or not, But one thing is sure, to be safe from this virus we have to maintain #socialdistancing. We have to stay away from the virus by staying home.

The solution for this is we must be aware of what causing harm to nature, For now, I will suggest sharing this message, plant a tree and care for our MOTHER NATURE.

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