Graphic design is life saving.

Updated: Mar 4

It was raining, Everyone was heading to their homes after a busy workday, who doesn't want to reach as early as possible. He was driving fast until he became conscious of what could go wrong when he saw something written on the highway board. It was just a simple line and a figure on it. A home and a car and written on it was "If you want to reach". That's it. It worked the weather condition or dark environment causing low visibility but the highway sign needed to be stand out. So its colour was thought of, its font was researched and surveyed and it is done for every public place signboards/banners/flyers. Designs save a life in may aspects. I will discuss all scenarios of how graphic design and strategists are a saviour. But in this blog, I am writing in short how they do it. stay tuned. A simple presentation indicates a message, to allow or restrict someone from doing something. Prevention is better than cure. To prevent the viewer from making any mistake & to help them navigate graphic designers makes the designs more attentive and communicable. Graphic Design in physical world. Today in this fast-paced world, people would look at signboards/some content of no interest, for just 2 or 3 seconds. 📷📷 The average time a fast driver could have to see the coming Road sign is just 2 seconds and 50% attention of the driver. This scenario is dealt with by creating simple Graphics to make someone understand the fact even in the worst weather conditions. Talking about public places we see a lot of signs. We see marks, signs, billboards, magazines, pictures, newspapers, blogs & websites etc. These signs are designs to communicate. Graphic Design is modern language. And we very well know Top graphic designer communities are struggling to make designs simpler and more communicating, Hence the minimal graphic design has been trendy since 2018 and will remain to a trend for some time now. Every Graphic Designer must know colour theory and typography. Colors speaks the nature of communication. Just like a danger sign is always red and highway board is masculine green, we differentiate the tone of communication. 📷📷 To know more about colour trends visit Shutterstock or canvas or coolors, these are very useful tools to make a stunning colour palette. Type is the actual communication Typography is arranging the information in the best manner & proportions. I am still learning about typography, it is a skill not earned in less time. You must give it a good time and hard work. which is now Linkedin learning is a platform that provides really good mentors to learn from. So when colour and typography is known and learned well graphic designers create stunning designs. Design is a verb, Doer provides design solutions to represent information in more communicating ways so that the viewer will, even unconsciously takes the information. And I think it will save many lives. In the form of signboards constantly evolving designs, we are solving problems. Hence the design saves lives. Thank you!

Hence the design saves lives.
Thank you!