What is a good design?

Finding or creating a great design includes understanding the reason/concept of the digital creation. Read this blog and fine my perspective for s great design. After you will be able to think in a very different way. It is a must read blog.

"I am graphic designer", he said.

They heard but couldn't understand what exactly he does.

I am here to help you understand that. GRAPHIC DESIGN is a language, a way of communication using visual elements. The information presented for visual perception-is called graphics.

And creating it, is design.

Say you have a company named "footprints", it's a shoe-sole manufacturer. They decided to create social media pages to reach out customers. Obviously they will be needing digital images and videos to show what they have.

Let's say they want to show information about the material and various designs which customers would highly likely to buy. The information is let say its a special rubber and carbon fiber mixture which will never deform during the use of the sole.

So this information when told or presented in only text is not much retainable by us because our visual memory has the maximum impact on our brain.

We see, we perceive and we remember.

Some visuals suddenly get stored in our subconscious mind.

Hence to make a digital content, the information should be presented in a way that it makes the user's brain stimulated with the information. To walk through the information and product buying, second thing is engagement.

Let's make a list of what is necessary for a digital content. The information should be

  1. Perceivable

  2. Aesthetically correct

  3. Easy to understand/informative

  4. Memorable

  5. Engaging

  6. Communicating

  7. Walk through to the call to action (CTA)

  8. Concept of the brand/product

Designing the information with all these styles makes the user understand what he sees. Otherwise confusion leads to a bad user experience.

A great design can be a single word on a blank page. It's simple, clear, and informative.

Now I hope we have cleared some clouds of confusion to understand which design is a great design. If the above mentioned things are in a design, then we can say it is great design.

In the coming blogs I will be sharing all these in details.

Meanwhile keep designing. Keep exploring.

Feel free to add to my contexts.