Graphic Designer is a salesman.

Updated: Feb 23

It may sound awkward but it makes sense. Imagine a salesman,

you would be thinking about one spoke to you face to face and described the product/service values. Or the one who spoke to you on a phone-call or text messages.

His motive to is to sell the value. To impress and convince the consumer to buy their product/service or whatever. Right?

Just as a salesman gives a nice presentation of information to convince the consumers

Graphic designers makes an information communicate with the potential customers by compositing elements of information.

And its hard for Graphic Designer to make an impact on audience because of some major problems,

  • One is to get in touch with audience, they call viewer's attention just by a design it is called advertisement in other words.

  • Another is the vastness of social media content to browse, the audience watch the content just for a flash. So they have only fractions of seconds from viewer.

  • If it is interesting and relevant enough to catch the eyes of a viewer then the product is being presented.

A lot of digital marketing people struggles to get the lead generation and maximum of their content remains invisible to the audience.

Design makes it possible to sell the product by convincing the audience by encouraging them to go through the posts & reading to buy the product.

People nowadays has lots of stuff to do on smart phones,

one is browsing the information on various platforms.

It may be blogs, videos, images and social communities. Swiping is the habit to explore Digital content on smart screens.

How will you make the viewer pause for a while?

A smartly created digital content-Designed by a graphic designer.

If you are a designer you will understand why is it necessary to make the design user centered because its the user whose attention the product seeks.

My advise is before you start designing, put yourself into user's shoes & see what they want, how they want. Knowing the audience is crucial for a salesmen/UI designers.

You don't want to end up showing the product/services to the wrong audience. So designers let's

  • Be a salesman

  • Know the audience

  • Find you style

  • Hold on to user centered design practices

  • Keep exploring

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