Who we are?

Updated: Feb 23

Being a chain of this universal evolution, life is to explore the world, gather knowledge & deliver innovatively to the coming generations.

In this blog i would like to share what i like to do and why i am into design. It will give a glimpse about who we are as professionals.

"Is design important"?

Everyone likes a good design, say it's a gadget, a fashion accessories or clothing or any digital media, We would be complimenting design as well as the features which bounds with the products.

I like to create things which looks visually better. Even the icons on my desktop are customized to neat and clear navigation to folders. I like minimalism and learned its importance as being a graphic designer taught me:

Less is more.

The way i see the world is more like a movie, where my eyes are camera which capture cinematic scene. At the same time I imagine different angles of camera to see the object. There are some compositions which i like to capture. One is taking a very close shot and relate the closer object's shapes or feel into a story or some quote or the process the closer object takes to complete the story.

I like compositing things to make a perfect scene.

I am a photographer.

Using intuition and design principles I compose things and typography to create meaningful informative data which communicates the idea/concept of product/services or goods.

Nowadaysdesign terms are diversed and still expanding.

Keeping user in mind.

User interface (UI) design, User experience (UX) design, branding, advertisement are from a few.

We understand the brand & it's values and at the same time user needs are valued. To create user centric designs we must understand the target audience's needs.

Communication through design is what we do. Thats makes us Graphic Designer.

Why I chose to be a designer?

When I was a child, my father used to teach me after school. It was like daily tution for me. I was always scolded because of my poor handwriting. He used to relate letters to animal or some dancing figures and scolded me very sarcastically. Though I used to cry because I couldn't improve my handwriting & while writing I would have already made up characters for my letters.

I think that provoked my consciousness to look at things and relate with something in a different way.

And it became my curiosity to find meaning of the visuals I see.

Or can I create my own style to represent the idea.

Now I have learned more technical terms like typography for design.

I came this far because of curiosity.

I would like to thanks my father for such an interesting idea. It makes every moment enjoyable and exploring.

This way you can feel the energy around you.

You can understand people and connect with them as you know what they feel.

That's makes us human being.